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We are a professional manufacturer of cutting edge, grader blade, end bit, bucket tooth and adapters. YUANDA CO., LTD. is our factory, FOR-GLOBAL CO., LTD.  is our trading company handle sales business. We located in Ningbo City (south of Shanghai), China. Yuanda was built in 2002, its production capacity exceeds 12,000 tons / year. For-Global was founded in 2009, who can provide a full range of G.E.T. products with the continuous improvement of service quality. 

Yuanda mainly produce cutting edge, grader blade and end bit for all brands of bulldozers, excavators, loaders, excavators and scrapers.
For-Global deal with cutting edge, grader blade, end bit, tooth & adapter, bolt & nut, pin & lock, half arrow, antiwear button and other G.E.T. products.

    • Product: Bucket tooth 195-78-71320SH

    • Product: Bucket tooth 195-78-21333

    • Product: plow blade 9W2305M

    • Product: Bucket tooth 6Y2553

    • Product: Bucket Tooth1U3352RC

    • Product: Bucket tooth 1U3452RC